Have you ever felt like God had abandoned you?

Have you felt imprisoned by fear?

Did you ever wonder, "Why me God?"

Facing life as a young woman with shattered dreams and little emotional support, I was armed with unshakeable faith and the promises in God's word.  My prayer was for God to use my experiences to encourage others by sharing my painful but faith-filled journey.

Why I Love Diamonds
Yes, there is a specific reason I chose the diamond.  I used to tell my daughter, when she was going through a difficult time that when you take a lump of coal and put it under tremendous heat and pressure, it becomes a diamond.  Whatever the stress or challenge we are experiencing we can choose to learn from them or become bitter by them.  I choose to believe that this process can make us a more beautiful person.  As God cuts away the facets of our experiences it allows His light to shine through.

I often say, "I always like to look at the glass 1/2 full and find the good in any situation.  I don't believe in failures, just opportunities to learn and grow."

Joy Klepac

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