Book — Your Guide Book For Setting Goals
The Road To Achieving Your Destiny - $11.95


Learn the 7 step goal-setting process.  If you want to create the life of your dreams, then you must write it down. Then you must create a plan of action. Then you must take action.  Written goals help you create the life of your dreams.
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Book — The Diamond Mind
Transforming Your Dreams into Lifelong Success - $19.95

    The Diamond Mind    

Learn how to transform your dreams into lifelong success.  This book The Diamond Mind is an inspiring, funny, and dramatic story of overcoming the odds. The author describes this story in a way that you will relate to it.  Every chapter draws you in and keeps you reading page after page.
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Book — Discover Your Inner Strength - $19.95

Discover Your Inner Strength   

Learn how to discover your inner strength.  You will read inspiring stories about using your inner strength, what others have done and what it takes to avoid. This book will motivate you to dream your dreams and turn them in to reality.
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Book — Seize Your Opportunities - $24.95

Seize Your Opportunities

Seize Your Opportunities is a phenomenal resource designed to empower you to rise above self-imposed limitations, realize your potential and unfold your dreams. This book includes powerful practical strategies for the creative entrepreneur who wants to take control of their life and business.
Written by seven dynamic, successful entrepreneurs, from CPA and business professionals to relationship, sales and life coaches, each chapter provides practical tips and tools     for significantly increasing effectiveness in your business, relationship and life..
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