This testimonial is for both a presentation and a book review.

I had the opportunity to hear Joy speak at a marketing meeting with the Fellowship Chamber. Joy's presentation was relevant, organized and she delivered it with much enthusiasm and passion. She answered questions clearly and interacted with her audience with professionalism.

I read Joy's book on goal setting and was instantly impressed with her personal touch and contagious energy towards the future. Reading her book encouraged me to take a fresh and deeper look at both my personal and business goals. By sharing her personal journey and struggles helped me to relax and have hope in working on my short term and long term goals.

I highly recommend Joy as a speaker and author.

Tanya Flores
Massage for Healing

I have known Joy for quite a few years now, and have the highest respect for her integrity as a leader. She is a born leader and a wonderful writer.

I loved Loved Loved how you expressed the rest of the story from your journey. I mostly was captivated by your unshakable Faith. I felt your emotions on the entire story.

This was a powerful story of a woman who had a dream and sometimes those dreams become broken, I felt every emotion and joy that you expressed. This was a gut wrenching story that needs to be told, As it's ok to follow your dreams. Your trials made you a stronger Woman.

Judy Mallard
I own two successful businesses, one in health and nutrution and the other in telecommunications and technology.

I am the servant leader of the Women in the Workplace Ministry at Adventure Christian Church in Roseville California. This is a church with some three thousand members.

Joy Klepac was a keynote speaker at our Women in the Workplace Ministry quarterly dinner last October. There were 80 women in attendance at this gathering.

I received many comments after the dinner from members of the audience that were very favorable to Joys presentation. Everyone enjoyed her presentation. Personally I felt that Joy was articulate, inspiring and engaged the audience enough to hold their complete attention. I will have her make other presentations in the future.

Carol Hahl
I am a Real Estate Broker and owner of Carol Hahl Real Estate Services and Property Management Company.

"What I've read has been an inspiration to me both in my private and business life. I am encouraged by the direct message to find my hidden potential and change my way of thinking. I can name many women (men too) who need to read the book or hear Joy speak about her life experiences; I believe it would be a life altering or 'aha' moment for them as well."

I will definitely refer Joy Klepac as a guest speaker for any event that I know about.

Trese L. Smith
Account Manager, Kaiser Marketing

I have had the pleasure of knowing Joy for 18 years and have always admired her ability to rise up from life’s struggles. Joy has a way of taking a “bump in the road of life” and turning it into a life lesson from which she creates something good. Her story brings such an uplifting message that anyone can go through hard times, but they can also come out a better and wiser person on the other side. Joy demonstrates that anyone, with some hard work, perseverance and diligence can become the person in their personal life and in their professional life that they always dreamed to be.

Margie Rogers
Office Manager, Specialized Shower Door

I want to give a testimony about Joy Klepac and how wonderful she is as an individual and also the experience I have had to hear her speak on topics from her books such as goal setting.

It was fantastic. I heard the speech at the Fellowship Chamber Master Mind Group. Joy is a very good speaker and what becomes evident is when you listen to Joy immediately you know she is thoughtful and her goal is to be helpful.

She has a genuine desire to help people better their lives with her expertise. I would recommend to any group business or motivational that would be interested in hearing Joy that she is a very genuine, articulate speaker on subjects of goal setting or business development.

As an individual, Joy is a lot of fun and thoroughly nice. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to be exposed to her brilliant mind.

Karen Clay
Clay & Co. The Car Concierge

I have known Joy about a year but in that year, it feels as though I have known her all my life. The Godly spirit that is in her just shines all over the world.

I have experienced her book and her speaking. I have appreciated her style the way she delivers just everything that God puts inside of her she releases it with style.

I want her to know personally that I appreciate her and I respect everything she does and everything she does for others. Joy blessed 50 to 60 families for Thanksgiving. She financed everything in the food baskets and I know God is looking down on her and giving her the stars she deserves. Her gift is still coming. God is blessing her everyday and I am thankful everyday for Joy.

Janie Johnson
Director of Future Leaders Now

I want to recommend Joy’s recent book. It is very vulnerable, passionate and real. I believe joy has done fantastic job of connecting the emotions she felt and experienced as she went through all these experiences of life.

Some of the sections I found heartbreaking and feel we must effect the legal system for justice. Some of the heartbreaking experiences of the emotional abandonment and several things in the story, I was able to relate to very well.

I really enjoy the way Joy brought out the different experiences in a way that the reader could really identify. I would highly recommend reading this book.

Anna Boyd
Boyd’s Chem Free Painting and Cleaning

I have known Joy Klepac since 2004, first as my customer, later as a business advisor & more recently as business peers. Joy is one of those rare individuals that your first glance proves to be the real deal.

Joy is a blessing to be around. She has a spirit that lifts others and has a sincere interest in knowing each person she meets beyond just the hand shake. As a business person, she is knowledgeable and her work ethics is beyond reproach. It’s refreshing to watch & a rare experience to deal with a business person who promotes the extra mile customer service attitude. But Joy exceeds even beyond that level.

Her heart is one of giving and striving to bring good to every situation she touches. With each group that Joy and I have shared, I’ve see her tenacity, her willingness to give more than she expects to receive, & most of all an honesty in areas that others may tend to shy away from.

When you get to know her family members and her closest friends, you see that same character permeate those relationships. It’s not hard to see what makes her happy, what makes her flourish and what makes her cry. She cares about people at a very deep level & she is genuine in every area of her life.

I am looking forward to sharing this new venture for her and know that she will bring a fresh, new insight to whatever her pen touches...

Lezlie Lang
Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Wow, what a Dynamo – Joy, I just wanted to keep reading your story it was not only inspiring but I sure could relate to your daily struggles. What courage you had to start your own business as a single mom against all odds I just so admire you Joy, and more then anything else I admire that you trusted God and not so much your friends and family.

I just love the titles as being lessons, that hits home - by the grace of God we can all make it.

Joy, I truly enjoyed reading it.

Helen Tkalec
Administrative Assistant. Valley Adventist Church, Sun City, CA

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